The mark for youngest ever to sink 1,000 three pointers in NBA play has Bradley Beal Elite written all over it.

Four years ago this week, Bradley Beal became the youngest player in NBA history to 1,000. It only took four years for that record to fall, but there’s no player Brad would rather see take up the mantle than his friend and protégé Jayson Tatum.

With a step-back trey in the closing seconds of the first half on Friday against the Hornets, JT became the youngest ever to make 1,000 three pointers at 24 years and 344 days old.

“To be the youngest ever to do something in this league, I try not to think about the things I’ve accomplished, but that one. You think about “the youngest,” and all the players that have played in this league…[that’s pretty cool].”

The BBE alum is the first ever to do it under the age of 25, but for Jayson, the best part was being able to follow in Brad’s footsteps, something he’s been working toward for a long time.

“For me, the coolest part was when I saw the guy who previously held the record was Bradley Beal. Obviously it’s been talked about a lot, our relationship, and him being my big brother and a guy who mentored me when I was in high school and still to this day,” JT said. “I know he’s probably genuinely happy for me, too and that’s the best part, somebody who I wanted to be like and helped me get to this point, being extremely happy for me means the world. For me to break the record and pass him, finding that out was pretty cool.”

The two St. Louis and BBE legends then exchanged thoughts on Twitter.