Moses Moody’s first chance at pro ball was a strong indication of the potential the Warriors envisioned when they made him a lottery pick last month.

The BBE alum played in 4-of-5 games for Golden State during the recently concluded Las Vegas Summer League slate, averaging 16.3 points per game.

“I’ve learned a lot through Summer League,” he told NBC Sports Bay Area. “Just being in the environment and really just figuring out the game and figuring out how to affect the game. Throughout the season you can expect me to knock down shots and fulfill my role and do whatever the team needs.”

The highlight of Moses’ week in Sin City was a 22-point effort in a 94-84 win over Oklahoma City, which drew rave reviews across league circles.

“He’s figured out ways to get his shot off, he’s an underrated driver, so he can get to the basket, he’s got a big, strong frame and now it’s just got to be like, can I make quick decisions and play off of some of these guys like Steph and Klay and Draymond,” Warriors Summer League coach Kris Weems said. “But he’s gotten a whole lot better over the course of the time here.”

Now the Warriors turn their attention to training camp, where Moses will get his first real chance to learn from Curry, Thompson, Green, Andre Iguodala and a veteran Warriors roster determined to re-establish their footing near the top of the Western Conference. The rookie is excited for the prospect of it all.

“I couldn’t even, I don’t even know what all them are going to teach me because I know they have so many small little tricks and nuances to get an advantage on the other team,” Moody said. “But given how great they are, how great the team is, I mean in that environment I have no choice but to get better.”

He’s also looking forward to the NBA schedule release, when he will find out when he’ll get the chance to match up with Bradley Beal for the first time.

“I played with Brad Beal Elite when I was in high school,” Moses said. “He was on the sidelines, he was in practice busting us up. Now, it’s my chance to really get my shot back.”