Bradley Beal is a difference maker in the NBA for the Washington Wizards.

But as NBC’s KSDK reported Monday, he’s having just as big an impact—if not bigger—in his hometown of St. Louis.

The profile piece from Channel 5 touched not only on Coach Beal’s work with BBE on the court, but the work that the club’s players are doing in the community as well. It also went into Brad’s relationship with the founder of BBE (formerly known as St. Louis Eagles), Rich Gray:

Rich Gray, who founded the Eagles, was one of the first people to openly tell Beal he had a chance to play in the NBA. Beal said it was after that talk with Gray when he decided to take things seriously. Unfortunately, his mentor and friend, Gray passed away. Saddened by his death, Beal made it a point to continue what Gray had started, helping fill the void on the Eagles sidelines.

Now, the Eagles are called Brad Beal Elite, and they get to learn from the man himself.

“You know when we came up, we didn’t have the NBA guys or college guys coming back and teaching us the game,” Beal said on why it’s important to him to get involved hands on.

Watch the full interview below courtesy of KSDK: